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Learn to Dance!

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Welcome everyone to the Wild Balls website!  We are glad that you made it over!

New this year!

  • In an effort to reduce wait time while checking in at the ball, we are transitioning to an eTicketing system.  Our hope is to better serve all of you, adding more than we were capable of in the past, growing this wonderful event to be the absolute best. 
  • We are offering an hour-long Waltz Lesson the day of the ball--it will be at the Avalon Ballroom from 2:00 - 3:00, followed by an optional practice session.  Admission for the lesson is $5, paid at the door.  This will be a fun warm-up for beginners and experienced dancers alike!

You can find any tickets that we have for sale under the tickets button.  We have pictures from prior balls that are open for you to peruse at your own convenience (who knows, you may find a great costume idea there).  Our FAQ section for some of the common questions that we get asked.  However, if you do not see a question you have, please feel free to use the link at the top of the FAQ page to ask us your own question (after all, there is a great chance someone else has the same question)!  Finally, we have a tutorials section with some helpful videos about some of the dances you'll see at the Wild Balls.

We look forward to seeing you at the ball!

FOTD Proudly Supports the Wild Balls!